The Filthy Vegan Kebab specialty prepared by Beth Rawlins, 28.

From vegan kebabs to cinnamon sugar churros – Veganuary came early at the Nottingham Christmas Market with plenty of stalls that increased the range of plant-based options this year.

Winter Wonderland is recognised as one of the top five best Christmas Markets in Britain and the largest event in the East Midlands, according to European Best Destinations. From the unique stalls to live music – the annual event continues to bring the festive spirit spreading joy and variety in the Old Market Square.

If in the past years the only meat-free options were nachos and chips, this year’s food range covers all tastes and preferences with gluten-free and veggie products on offer.

Non-vegans Ben Watters,26 (left) and Jenny Estlin (right) visiting the vegan stall.



Jenny Estlin, 23, is one of the many customers who appreciates the change as she is a vegetarian: “The more options – the better”. She and Ben Waters, 26, came all the way from Liverpool to visit the festive Old Market Square.

He said: “We are not vegans, but I think there should be more options for everyone. It is great to see so many stalls having vegan options”.

“vegans are relieved to know that we are here”


It is the first year when there is a fully vegan stall at the Christmas Market. Stallholder Beth Rawlins, 28, said vegans are “relieved to know that we are here”.

She said: “We also do kebabs and hot dogs because there are a lot of meat-eaters who want to do the transitioning over eating maybe less meat, or wanting to think about veganism more, so they are also happy that we are here. Our signature thing is our Filthy Vegan Kebab, that is made of soy. It is really good.”

Even traditional meat-based food stalls included vegan-friendly options in their menus. Stallholder of The Melt Grill Priscilla Dadzi, 20, said the demand for plant-based products among customers continues to rise every year.

Priscilla Dadzi, 20, proudly serving vegan customers this year.


She said: “A lot of people are going for the healthier option and compared to last year, a lot of stalls this year have vegan options – it is fair for everyone, I would say.”


Vegan-friendly stalls at the NottinghamChristmas Market 2019:


Confection Perfection

Filthy Vegan

German Kartoffel

Greek Gyros

House of Fries

Katsu Chicken Curry

The Melt & Grill