Recyclable Christmas wrapping paper: Stock Photo

A Ruddington fruit and veg store is looking to improve the climate change crisis over the festive period by offering a free guide to keeping christmas green.

The Bottle Top, 2 High Street, is offering free seasonal tips and tricks via their website after their “combat Halloween food waste” guide took off in autumn – they’re now offering a Christmas edition.

You can view this article via their website using the code ‘SCFREE19′ or pay a £1 fee.

The guide lists the issues posed on the environment over the christmas period and ways we can reduce this with suggestions for: decorations, gifts, presents, food and drink, clothes and even transport of the busy time.

The shop was opened up in May 2019 by Alex Preston and her husband Anthony after they combined their love of craft beer and lagers with the desire to live a sustainable and waste free life.

The store offers everything from organic vegetables to refillable toiletries in an attempt to reduce consumers’ use of plastic waste.

After the climate change emergency was announced in May the UK government are aiming to reach net zero emissions by 2050, according to the BBC.

The United Nations gave just 11 years for us to turn our lifestyles around in order to limit a climate change catastrophe.