Shop manager of the Bead Shop, Hana Glover, holds up a flyer for her Independents Trail for indie businesses.

With Christmas only 20 days away and holiday shopping officially underway, it is easy to turn towards large corporate companies for gifts.

Small Business Saturday UK is a campaign that is urging consumers to skip the chains this year to support local businesses on Saturday, December 7.

From candles to chocolate to local art, Nottingham has an abundance of local businesses on the high street and elsewhere that can provide the perfect gift for Christmas.

Bead shop owner Hana Glover is one of the key coordinators of Small Business Saturday who organised an Independents Trail where shoppers must visit at least seven indie businesses around Nottingham for the chance to win prizes.

Glover said: “There are 36 businesses signed up ranging from piercers to Doughnotts to hairdressers and gift shops as well as all sorts of people in between encompassing businesses from Sneiton Market up to Derby Road and all throughout the city centre.

“The idea of the trail is to get people to explore independents that they wouldn’t already have seen or come across. Every business that is a part of the trail has donated a prize so you can win a box or cupcakes, a free haircut, reusable coffee cups, piercings, and loads of gift vouchers, there are all sorts of things.”

Small Business Saturday UK is in its seventh year now and was first created by American Express.

Last year, an estimated £812 million pounds was spent across the UK on Small Business Saturday.

Small business owner, Eleanor Burke, who owns Knit Nottingham, encourages people to shop in small businesses all year round not just on Small Business Saturday.

Burke said: “I think that small shops are super important for your local economy. We’re the ones that pay our taxes and the money we spend goes back into our local economy. But also, we are a really important part of our local community in terms of being a safe space for older people, disabled people, and particularly in our case, helping small, fledgling, female-owned businesses.

“We are doing something. We’re not involved in the main big thing that’s happening this Saturday but we always do what we call ‘Small Business Socksy Saturday’ where we get special sock yarn in and sell that. Support us all year round please, that would be ideal!”

The campaign urges consumers to use the hashtag #SmallBizSatUK and share their experiences supporting local businesses.