As the General Election draws near, we take a look at the candidates who will stand for the Nottingham East constituency.

The seat, which historically Labour has dominated, was won in 2017 by Chris Leslie for Labour with a majority of 19,590.

Since winning the seat, Leslie left the Labour party to form the Independent Group for Change with MP Anna Soubry from the Broxtowe constituency.

The other candidates will be looking to knock Labour out of the seat for the first time since 1992.

Here are the candidates standing for the seat:


Chris Leslie – The Independent Group for Change

Chris Leslie has served as an MP for Nottingham East since 2010.

In February 2019, Leslie left the Labour party in protest of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and helped form The Independant Group, now known as The Independent Group for Change.

In its manifesto, the party stated: “At the Independent Group for Change we believe the core values and instincts of the British people still hold true; values of fairness, responsibility, truthfulness, opportunity, parliamentary democracy and long-termism.

“It is of little use for those in the political mainstream merely to warn of the dangers of the hard right or the hard left. Instead, we believe it is our responsibility, in the centre ground, to assert the freestanding and contemporary relevance of these key values.”


Nadia Whittome – Labour

Nadia Whittome was selected as the Labour candidate for Nottingham East.

Whittome stood in the 2017 Nottinghamshire County Council local election as the Labour Party candidate for the West Bridgford West, but missed out to Conservative’s Douglas Wheeler.

In its manifesto, the party stated: “Some people say this is the Brexit election. But it’s also the climate election, the investment election, the NHS election, the living standards election, the education election, the poverty election, the fair taxes election. Above all, it’s the change election.

“It’s time to take on the vested interests holding people back. The last decade has seen a wealth grab by a privileged few, supported by the Conservatives, at the expense of the majority. The big polluters, financial speculators and corporate tax-dodgers have had a free
ride for too long.”


Victoria Stapleton – Conservative

Victoria Stapleton will represent the Conservative party in the constituency.

Stapleton used to own a small business and turned into an MP’s caseworker before being selected to stand for the party in Nottingham East for the General Election.

In its manifesto, the party stated: “For the last three and a half years, this country has felt trapped, like a lion in a cage. We have all shared the same frustration – like some super-green supercar blocked in the traffic. We can see the way ahead. We know where we want to go – and we know why we are stuck.

“We have been paralysed by a broken Parliament that simply refuses to deliver
Brexit. And that is why this election is so essential.”


Robert Swift – Liberal Democrat

Robert Swift will stand for the Liberal Democrats in the General Election.

Swift represented the Lib Dems in the 2017 General Election and came fourth in Gedling, behind UKIP’s Lee Walters, Conservative’s Carolyn Abbott and Labour’s Vernon Coaker, who won the seat.

Its manifesto stated: “We are unashamedly fighting to stay in the European Union, and we are the strongest party of Remain. We believe that our best future as a country is as a member of the European Union. Any form of Brexit will damage our economy, put jobs at risk, hurt our NHS and put our family of nations under enormous strain.

“There is no Brexit deal that will ever be as good as the deal we currently have as a member of the European Union.”


Michelle Vacciana – Green Party

Michelle Vacciana will be campaigning for the Green Party in this year’s election.

Vacciana has worked in local secondary education by mentoring and offering learning support to pupils, as well as volunteering for six years as a trustee.

Its manifesto states: “We want to unleash a revolution that lifts up everyone. Our plan for a Green New Deal, and four related programmes of reform, will transform the UK and improve the quality of everyone’s lives by creating a safer, fairer future for all.

“We are the only party you can trust to act in time to tackle the climate emergency
in a way that also tackles pressing social problems. We are the only party you can trust to stand up for remaining part of Europe and for a final say on Brexit, whilst at the same time tackling the underlying reasons why many people voted to leave.”


Damian Smith – Brexit Party

Damian Smith will be looking to win the seat for the Brexit Party in the election.

As the Brexit Party are not running for seats that the Conservatives currently hold, Smith will be looking to represent the first party other than Labour in the constituency for the first time since 1992.

Its manifesto states: “Our priority is to leave the European Union and deliver the Brexit that 17.4m voted for in 2016. Acting on the biggest popular mandate in British history is crucial to restore faith in our democracy. What sort of democratic society do we live in, if a few Parliamentarians can defy the expressed will of the people?

“Leaving the undemocratic EU is just the beginning. It will be the first step in a political
revolution. We want fundamental democratic reforms to fix our broken political system and make Parliament serve the People.”