Toy sales at Christmas time. Pic by Annika

Parents once found themselves buying toy cars and dolls for their children, but are they pressured into making sure their child has the latest technology?

Kids now are more interested in having the latest iPad whereas back in the day they would eagerly fold down the page of the Argos catalogue with their most desired toy and hope that what they wanted was sitting under the tree on Christmas morning.

We asked the people of Nottinghamwhat their take on children’s Christmas toys today is in comparison to when they were younger.

Cynthia Thomas, 78, said: “Children don’t learn to play together, they’re all on their phones and their games and I worry.”

“Kids aren’t kids”
Lynne Iontocsa

Nick Meadows, 50, from Normandy, France, said the reason for this is the way in which we treat and socialise children.

“The difference between the children now and the children 30 or 40 years ago is we had a lot more freedom to go outside and play on our own,” he added,

Should we be worried for this generation of children? Is it affecting how they’re growing up?

Lynne Iontocsa, 61 from Netherfield, was in the city centre shopping for her grandchildren.

“It’s geared up today that kids aren’t kids. The kids are growing up too quick and the toys I think, reflect that.

“When I was little a lot of toys I was given involved the family and there were toys that you played with other people whereas my grandson just stays on his iPad” she explained.

Annika Shoker & Alex Mace