Kitten with owner

A kitten who was sexually abused has been given a fresh start after a loving student gave the animal a new home.

Benny – who is just 8-10 weeks old – was found on November 24 in the early hours of the morning in a dire state and in desperate need of help.

With disturbing injuries to the kitten’s body, it was clear to the RSPCA that Benny had been sexually abused. An investigation is ongoing to find the culprit.

The kitten was discovered by Jess Ward and fellow housemates on Wimbourne Road, who spotted something was not quite right with the animal. After contacting the RSPCA, Jess was told to keep the kitten warm and safe until an officer came to collect it.

Jess said: “It was unclear at the start what sort of animal it was as it was covered in mud and dirt.”

In need of medical attention, Benny was sent immediately to an emergency vets. However, the kitten has an opportunity to have a new home as Jess has decided to adopt him after the difficult ordeal Benny endured.

Benny is just like any other cat and is playful and curious despite his adversity.

“He just wants to play all the time, as if nothing had happened”
Jess Ward

As someone who already owns other cats, Jess could sympathise with the trauma Benny experienced and knew immediately that she could be able to provide the support the kitten needed.

Jess is hoping to officially adopt Benny on December 14 and is looking forward to providing Benny with a safe and loving home.

The kitten will be checked up on throughout the early stages of adoption with the RSPCA, to give him the best chance of having a healthy, happy life.

Jess said: “He just wants to play all the time, as if nothing had happened.”