Cartwheel Cafe, Nottingham

Nottingham residents are being urged to sign up for the veg pledge this month in a bid to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research.

With the vegan movement becoming ever more prevalent in 2019, masses of millennials are switching to a cruelty free lifestyle.

People across Nottingham and the country as a whole are switching up their diets for the month and not only are individuals realising it’s time for change, large charities are also promoting the diet.

Cancer Research is giving you the chance to try out a vegetarian diet or further pushing yourself to a vegan lifestyle.

As Greta Thunberg becomes more of an outstanding figure and the dairy farming culture is becoming exposed as a culprit for climate change, people are turning to more plant based alternatives.

“i feel prouder of myself knowing I’m actively part of something bigger than me”

Sarah Howsam, Supervisor at Bills Nottingham 

After relying on meat, dairy and eggs as staples in our diet for so long, your tunnel vision may be blocking you from seeing the bigger picture in how easy a plant based diet is.

From Instagram influencers to recipes and meal plans, there are plenty of resources out there to keep you motivated for the whole of November, and beyond.

Vegan Instagram influencers to keep you motivated throughout National Vegan Month

  1. @Cardiffveganz – lighthearted and realistic
  2. @vegan_lucy_york – insight into balancing being a mum with a vegan diet
  3. @accidentallyveganUK – find all your favourite foods that are already vegan without you even realising

Sarah Howsam, supervisor of Bill’s restaurant, Nottingham, went vegan in January 2019 and commented on how she feels fitter physically and she is much happier mentally.

She added: “I feel prouder of myself knowing that I’m actively part of something bigger than me that’s contributing to positive change in our planet.”

Alternatively, after reaching out to a food blogger via Instagram I spoke to Mercydes Moore who has joined Cancer Research on their veg pledge.

Cancer Research UK

She made the decision to go vegetarian for the month and highlighted how after just four days she’s realised how meat is not really necessary.

She said: “I used to be a massive meat eater and never understood how to have a meal without, eventually you realise you just don’t need it.”

If you are interested in joining Cancer Research and taking up the veg pledge, apply using: