Rescue Rooms is one of 5 different venues hosting the Beat the Streets Festival. Photo: Callum Jackson

As Nottingham’s annual Beat the Streets festival announces its 2020 line-up, we take a look at the reasons behind the festival’s invention, why it is needed and what it can mean to those in need of help.

The festival made its debut in 2018, where it raised £100,000 for Framework, a charity that aims to tackle the homeless crisis.

It takes place on January 26 2020, with over 80 acts performing across five different stages, including Rock City and The Bodega.

In the 2019 festival, £67,000 was raised. Framework will be hoping to build on that figure for the 2020 festival and increase the amount of support it can offer through charity work.

Last week, the first acts performing were announced, with artists including; Reflekter, Circle of Light, Remy, and Sheafs, just four of many performances taking place throughout the day.

“a huge amount of money can be raised to tackle homelessness”
james gooch, reflekter frontman

James Gooch, frontman for band Reflekter, said: “The reason we want to play at the festival is because we like most people in Nottingham, get to witness first-hand the positive impacts all year round that come about from the work of Framework.”

“A huge amount of money can be raised to keep them striving towards their goal of tackling homelessness.”

It is no secret that there are large amounts of people in UK cities who don’t have a permanent residence, a short stroll down your high street often means walking past people who are sleeping rough and in need of help.

Nottingham is no stranger to these sights; not only are there many people living on the streets, but it was also stated by Nottingham City Council in 2018 that 4,800 households contacted them with concerns that they could not keep their household running financially, a figure that has risen by 345 per cent since 2010.

These figures suggest that the problem is in danger of getting bigger, despite the efforts of food banks and homeless shelters across the city.

This is where Framework wants to make a difference, it aims to house and support those who have no home, as well as those struggling in their homes to sustain themselves, helping over 16,000 people in the last year.

The Beat the Streets festival is all about raising money for Framework as all proceeds will go to the charity, including tickets and merchandise.

The full list of venues hosting the festival is: The Bodega, Rock City, Rescue Rooms and Rough Trade

The famous Rock City plays host to multiple acts at the festival
Photo: Callum Jackson

This is money that Framework hope will dramatically improve the quality of life for rough sleepers. Whilst people attending the festival get to have a great day listening to live music, the money they are spending will be going directly to those who need it most.

If nothing else, this festival will hope to start a chain of events that will hopefully lead to a brighter future to those who are suffering.