Motorpoint Arena, Home of the Vipers and the Panthers.

The women’s ice hockey team, The Nottingham Vipers, are in pole position to be promoted to the Premier Division.

Ice hockey is becoming increasingly popular around Nottingham for both men and women. The Nottingham Panthers (Men’s team) and The Nottingham Vipers (Women’s team) are both competing in their respective leagues, however have had quite contrasting seasons.

The Nottingham Panthers sit 8th in their league after a difficult start. The Vipers, however, are top of their league, winning 11 games and losing just 1.

The Vipers were formed after a ‘four year battle’ for official recognition back in 1987, but in recent years have sharpened their skates, and are changing ice hockey’s male dominated perception.

Ice rink open for public use.

This success is inspiring young girls from across Nottingham. The Vipers under 16 side, founded to give young women with a love for ice hockey a chance to show their skills, are in a similarly successful vein of form.

With the rising success of women’s sport, following the Women’s Football World Cup, the potential for this team is unprecedented, and gives young women a chance break the norm and get out on the ice.

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The Motorpoint Arena, the home of the Nottingham Panthers and the Nottingham Vipers.