George Zacharopoulos peering out into the audience

Nottingham’s annual comedy festival rolls on and is bringing in the laughs for another year to the streets of Nottingham.

The Greek National, George Zacharopoulos, who named his show, Greek Comedian of the Year, has even been featured on major channels such as Sky and BBC one.

Bursting out onto the Canalhouse stage with gusto, only a confident Greek man could produce, he captivated the audience from the start.

At the beginning of his set, there were mutterings of conversation in the audience, but as Zacharopoulos grew in confidence, so did the audience’s confidence grow in him and as the gig progressed, the laughs steadily grew.

Zacharopoulos immediately struck up a rapport with the whole audience, putting everyone at ease before going into extreme detail about relevant subjects such as dating, and then some more taboo subjects, such as drug-taking and being a part of mass orgies.

With an ever-increasing speed, Zacharopoulos flew through his set which was littered with constant sexual innuendos which, for an audience of mostly middle-aged Nottingham locals, was unfortunately funny for a time but largely unrelatable.

The real laughs came from his observations of English culture. This is a man who is not clueless about the way the English psyche operates proven by the way he plays on the fact that the English are often perceived as extremely stubborn and largely different from the rest of Europe and indeed the world.

Starting November 1 and finishing on November 10 you will find a few up and coming comedic gems along with some old favourites.

Towards the end of the show, after an hour of advocating orgies and drugs, but also creating a memorable set full of chuckles, George revealed that he was not actually the Greek comedian of the year.

He went on to say that there are no actual Greek comedy awards at all in fact, but maybe in another world, there could be, and Zacharopoulos would certainly win the prize.