Sarah Maloy, owner of Shop Zero

It is now easier for the public to save the planet whilst doing their Christmas shopping thanks to Shop Zero’s upcoming waste free market.

Sarah Maloy runs the Zero Waste shop in Malt Cross, off Market Square and her plans for a Zero Waste Christmas are coming to life this November.

The Conscious Christmas Gift Market, organised by Sarah takes place on November 24 in Malt Cross, a large bar and kitchen area.

Open from 11am until 5pm, the market is already organised to have an array of traders ready to sell items such as hand-made soaps and candles, all hand crafted with love ready especially in time for Christmas.

The aim is for customers to choose gifts that will help live a lower impact life, think zero-waste, plastic-free and sustainable.

The Christmas gift market will be hosted by Sarah and will showcase an estimated 90 traders from all across the East Midlands to present their biodegradable goods.

Shop Zero is the first of its kind to open in Nottingham City Centre, and has been up and running since March this year.

“We are nature, we are one species and we are the ones contributing to harming the planet”

-Sarah Maloy, owner of Shop Zero


Following a zero waste lifestyle at home, former teacher Sarah has got her whole family involved in trying to reduce waste and maintaining sustainability wherever they can.

With the recent Climate emergencies Sarah is keen to educate those who are willing, to encourage people make small changes to their lifestyles to do their bit to help future generations.

Sarah says, “Through our fear we can change that into something positive.”


For more information on the Conscious Christmas Gift Market visit here:

Conscious Christmas Gift Market