Wollaton Park grounds now piled with mud

Stealth Halloween Festival at Nottingham’s Deer Park left the park in bad shape – but neighbours say the event was a great use of the public space, “keeping it busy and bringing attention to it.”

It was the first year the festival took place and the sell-out event welcomed around 6,000 people over Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27.

Heavy rain leading up to the event saw rival festival, Detonate, cancelled 48 hours prior as they were unable to make the grounds suitable for the public.

The grounds of Wollaton have been left with large track marks on the grass as well as piles of mud around the paths making it very muddy for dog walkers trying to access the park.

But residents said they welcomed the festival and the attention it brought to the area.

“I have noticed that the grass has been quite badly damaged with the vehicles going onto the grass which is a shame as it will take a while to get back to normal at this time of year but as long as the organisation is doing all they can to restore the grounds, I think it is fine,” said resident Janice Inglewood.

David Howard, who used to work as a groundskeeper at Wollaton, said: “It is a public space. I don’t think that a bit of mud is a permanent lasting damage that would stop something like this from going ahead again. It keeps it busy and brings attention to it.”

Dog walker Toby Chanley added: “Traffic used to be an issue however the council have done something about people parking on private roads and the car parks do help prevent people parking on residential roads so it has got better for us that live near the park when it big events on.”