Harold Price, 67 wearing his poppy with pride

“I wear a poppy because I think that it looks nice,” says Maddie, a Nottingham student, who buys a poppy every year.

Maddie was among a handful of people we spoke to in the city centre, to find out whether future generations are losing touch with the true meaning behind the poppy.

Dee Kitchen, 77, from Sherwood said that she wears the poppy as she has a strong military background. Dee said that she goes to church every Sunday and will be attending a Remembrance service in her local church next Sunday to participate in the one minute silence.

A unique Poppy worn by Carol Smith, 70

To the older generations Remembrance Sunday holds a key place in their hearts. By wearing the poppy every year they highlight the importance of remembering the soldiers past and present that have put their lives on the line for Great Britain.

Brother and Sister Sue (67) and Ken Whaley (65) both wear their poppies every year and attend Remembrance Sunday events. To them this event holds a place in their family and they see the importance of supporting our Military.

Harold Price, 67 wearing his poppy with pride

“I wear a poppy with pride” Sam, Army service man, 20

Current Army service man Sam, 20 says that he wears a poppy with pride every year and feels proud to see first hand how important it is to support all Service men and women past and present. Sam says that many of his friends his age do not wear the poppy or see the importance of this event. He feels that he ends up talking to them first hand why everyone should support the event. He will be taking part in the parade in Swindon on Sunday.

Sadly, it seems that it’s not just Sam’s friends that don’t see the importance of this event. Speaking to Maddie, student aged 20, it seems that she wears the poppy as more of a  fashion statement, rather than the huge symbolic meaning and supporting our British forces.

The poppy appeal is run every year by the British Legion and raises thousands of pounds for ex service men and women and their families.

To support the British Legion and the Poppy Appeal you can purchase your poppy online at the Poppy shop or in local supermarkets.