With the House of Commons on Wednesday voting in favour of passing legislation for a general election on December 12, the future of British politics hangs in the balance.

With the influence of younger voters becoming a growing presence in the British political landscape, the winter-time election may prove a difficult election to cast a vote on, especially for students.

Many students across the country will still be in term-time when the date of the election arrives, meaning there is a heavy reliance on the postal vote system for students to have their say on the election’s outcome.

Nottingham Trent Student’s Union President, Bradley Fox, spoke to us about what the Union are doing to prepare for the election this December, and why he believes it is important for the other students at the University to make their vote count.

“Yes, I’m going to be voting, I think everyone should vote.

We are doing stalls in the SU getting people to register to vote so it is important people get registered and then do vote when it comes around.” The President said.

Fox is also an advocate of the postal vote and understands how it important a tool it is to help students get involved in this winter’s election, saying: “It’s important. Students, if they want to do postal votes, they can do. We will have some forms in here (The Students’ Union) if people want to do it.

“It takes two seconds and it is really really easy.”

If you wish to have your say in the election in December, make sure to register at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote