WE Day event in United State of America earlier this year

Nottingham Forest have confirmed that they will be taking part in a community event in Nottingham city centre next week featuring Joe Dempsie who played Gendrie in Game of Thrones.

On Tuesday 5 November over two thousand young people and teachers will come together to take part in the WE Day event which is to take place at Royal Concert Hall Theatre.

Nottingham Forest will be showcasing their Dream Big initiative which is an educational workshop to help children of Nottingham to realise their potential and help encourage literacy learning across the curriculum.

The campaign was launched in June 2019 and has been delivered to over 200 schools across Nottinghamshire.

Joining Joe Dempsie will be BAFTA award-winning actress Vicky McClure, Laura Whitemore and many more.

The WE Day event will take place at Theatre Royal Nottingham

WE Day is the celebration of young people and educators who have made a difference.

The event has been made possible by Boots who have joined together with WE to help set the event up.

For more information on the event, click on the following link to find out and click on the following link to watch what all Nottingham Forest’s dream big initiative is all about.