Lighthouse charity shop volunteers show off their mens section

A resurgence in recycling has increased charity shop sales causing a significant stock shortage amongst stores in the Ashfield town of Hucknall.

From children’s clothes to board games and beds, Hucknall charity shops are pleading for stock to fill their shelves.

A number of stores are falling particularly short of mens wear specifically, with Lighthouse charity shop having to reduce the menswear section to only a small corner in the shop.

Suzanne Forrest, retail manager of the store, said: “Menswear flies off our shelves, we have hundreds of women’s clothes just waiting to be snapped up.”

She felt this was because men tend to wear the same clothes for years and by the time it makes it to the charity shop its unsellable.

Furniture is also in demand as the manager said: “People always come here for furniture as it’s cheap and of high quality…we often get brand names like DFS.”

Lighthouse charity store seeks donations

At Headway retail, manager of the Hucknall branch felt as though a fall in stock is due to recent growth in buy and sell groups on sites such as Facebook and Ebay.

Having worked in the store for 11 years and seven months, Bev Beevers as manager said: “We get a lot more customers because everyone is interested in recycling and reusing nowadays.”

With an increase in demand and a reduction of stock, the stores are fearing the build up to Christmas with a particular need for puzzles, board games and clothing.

The Hucknall branch consider themselves one of the ‘lucky ones’.

Assistant manager, Hollie Gaskin said: “People can pull up outside and drop off car loads…stores on pedestrian walkways really struggle so we send some of our stock to them.”

In Hucknall specifically, Bev spoke of how the demand is for cheap clothes.

She highlighted that in their Mapperley store they will sell a skirt for £4 but in Hucknall that same skirt will go for £1.40 due to the customers requirements.