G.H Hurt & Son will be hoping to supply the new royal baby with a shawl.

Since Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to prince Charles in 1948, The Royal Baby has emerged from hospital wrapped in a shawl made in Nottingham.

The tradition has been upheld for over 70 years, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge having draped all three of their children in the same kind of knitted lace for the baby’s first public appearance.

The shawl is made by G.H. Hurt & Son, which was founded in Chilwell in 1912.

Richard Taylor, a spokesman for the company, said they can only speculate what Harry and Meghan will choose.

“We don’t know in advance what the royal family will decide for their baby, but we’re certainly hopeful that they uphold the tradition of using a shawl from us,” he said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already gained a reputation of breaking with royal traditions.

For instance, Meghan has insisted on more privacy during the birth than her sister-in-law Kate, who usually appears outside hospital just hours after the baby being delivered.

This time around however, Buckingham Palace has made it clear that nothing will be seen of mother or newborn child by a hospital door.

Mr Taylor said their connection to the royals is great for business, with a noticeable spike in orders after the pictures break.

“Because the arrival of a royal baby is reported worldwide and shared on social media, we see that a lot of people find their way to our website, and we receive a great many orders very quickly,” he added.

Nottingham has long been known for knitting and knitted lace, and Mr Taylor thinks another royal baby wrapped in their shawl would be great for the city.

“It would be marvellous for the city of Nottingham, as this is something we’re known for historically and puts us on the map in a way,” he said.

Nottingham was the centre of the world’s lace industry during the age of the British Empire, with the Lace Market in the city centre being a protected heritage area.