Two cars were stolen last week from the Mapperley area

Police have issued advice to motorists after two cars were stolen from the same Nottingham suburb.

Nottinghamshire Police has provided ways to increase car security from your own home.

Follow the guidelines below to help protect your vehicle:

  • Where possible ensure that your vehicle is parked on your driveway or in your garage if you have one. Alternatively, ensure your vehicle is parked in a well lit area.
  • Have an alarm and immobiliser fitted if your vehicle doesn’t already have one. This is an effective way of deterring criminals. A Thatcham-compliant immobiliser or steering lock can help secure older vehicles.
  • Locking wheel nuts are cheap and easy to fit to prevent your alloy wheels being stolen.
  • Catalytic converters can be marked using a specialist metal security marking chemical and secure labels to warn potential thieves that the catalytic converter carries an identification mark.

For further and more detail about protecting your vehicle, do visit the link: