Andy Abrahams,. new Labour Mayor of Mansfield

The new Labour Mayor of Mansfield has pledged to give a third of his salary to charity.

Mayor Andy Abrahams said he is pressing ahead with his pledge by giving 30 per cent of his £60,000 salary to community projects.

It means £18,000 will be handed to groups in the Mansfield area.

The new Labour mayor is meeting the district council’s chief executive this morning after his victory by just two votes last week.

He won the first election by 1,071 ballots with 6,881 votes to Kate Allsop’s 5,810, but as no one candidate gained a majority, it went to second preference votes.

Mr Abrahams won the mayoral election by just two votes with a final vote of 7,930 against former mayor Kate Allsop’s 7,928.

The Labour manifesto was to give Mansfield a “fresh start after 16 years of decline”.

Mr Abrahams said: “We will invest in our town to keep money in the local economy by using local contractors and suppliers wherever practicable.

“I will be a hard working, committed mayor who will focus on the priorities to improve the lives of residents in Mansfield, Woodhouse and Warsop.”