Rachel's latest project will be on display this Friday for the Light Night celebrations on Stoney Street.

In the build up to Light Night 2019, an aspirational Stapleford-based sculptor looks to architecture students to assist with an illuminating project.

Nottingham College architecture students have been assisting Nottinghamshire sculptor Rachel Carter on the project, which will see two historic ships the Mayflower and the Speedwell sail past a giant geodesic moon on Friday 8.

The project draws inspiration from the journey of the pilgrims to America via the two ships, who were part of a separatist movement in the 1500s’ and 1600s’ and have been said to be largely from the towns of Scrooby and Babworth in the Bassetlaw area.

Rachel is looking to apply for a fellowship in December 2019, as part of a research project which she is hoping will change the way that woven and knotted textures are translated into 3D sculptures.

“The fellowship would offer myself as a fine artist the time and resources to develop a concept further with the support of the academic community.

“I’ll be continuing pursuing combining ancient weaving techniques with digital printing and casting techniques.”

Rachel’s aim is to take part in three different residences, all inspired by a large portion of her ancestry who were involved in the making of materials and crafts.

The first residency will be in Nottinghamshire, working with Nottingham Trent University’s digital experts, one on a freight ship travelling across the Atlantic embarking on the same route that the pilgrims first took and then finishing in the Peabody museum in Boston to study the ancient weaving techniques of the Wampanoag Tribe.

When speaking about the Wampum belts of the Native American tribe which were used as treaties with settlers through varied weaving techniques, Rachel said that it “mirrors over 400 years of my ancestors, many were illiterate but could weave complex items through life as a Frame Work Knitters.”

Head down to Nottingham College on 25 Stoney Street on Light Night to see the work.