Trees that will forever take a stand against FGM. Image: Mojatu Foundation

On International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, 40 people headed over to a farm in Screveton to raise awareness for FGM and other forms of extremism.

February 6 marked the second anniversary of Nottingham’s zero tolerance approach to FGM, and the annual international day of zero tolerance for FGM.

Mojatu Foundation worked with farmer David Rose to plant trees with personalised plaques in order to raise awareness for their cause.

Over 40 people attended the event, including communities that have been affected by FGM, and those working to support them.

“The day was a great success”
mojatu foundation

The plaques, located at Farmeco Community Care Farm, held personalised messages for people that had been affected by FGM or to support the movement to end FGM.

“The day was a great success,” said a spokesperson from Mojatu Foundation.

“We look forward to spreading more awareness and supporting more communities.”

For more information about how you can help support the movement to end FGM, you can find Mojatu Foundation on Twitter and Facebook.