Potholes (sourced from Flickr)

Nottingham City Council are investing £1.75m into improving the efficiency and strategies of pothole repairs in and around Nottingham.

The investment will also cover new machines and techniques that will be used to ensure road repairs are carried out quickly and effectively.

A total of 115,000 potholes had to be filled last year due to the bad weather conditions resulting in deterioration on the roads caused by freezing and thawing.

Nottingham City Council approved the £1.75m project today at a meeting that was held with the Council’s Communities and Place Committee allowing for the works to move forward.

They will also be introducing new techniques, one of which is the spray injection chip patching system which will ensure the quality of road repairs are long-term and do not fail.

Committee Chairman Councillor, John Cottee said: “This treats surface defects effectively, sealing the target area, filling cracking and removing small potholes whilst smoothing the surface.”

One of the machines that will be used will deal with larger areas of road that has suffered from major damage and where deeper structural construction will need to be carried out.

Councillor Cottee added: “After investigating many other options, we concluded that this approach is the most effective. We will be monitoring and reviewing how well it’s working a year in to better inform our approach in the future.

“The vehicles should be out and about on our roads during the coming autumn. And the other advantage is that workers will be freed up to do other essential work on our roads.”