Take Five children presenting their hand drawn booklets

A Hucknall school is working to improve their pupils well-being by introducing a scheme called Take Five.

Take Five is a technique that encourages pupils to follow various breathing procedures to help calm them down.

Holgate Primary School has been practising Take Five with every year group and it has proved to be a huge success.

Sarah Roe, who is the pastoral lead for the school and the ‘Take Five champion’ said: “We use the scheme every day, particularly before the SAT’s period and it’s been extremerely beneficial.

“I think our school is unique because we’ve rolled it out to children who were on the autism spectrum and its really given them strength.

“More mental health schemes need to be introduced to schools, mental health is a national issue that needs attention.”

Take Five in progress as the breathing method is read to the class

Teachers advise students to practice the technique in the class room, after dinner and just before they go to bed.

Alice Curtis, an eight-year-old year said: “It helps me to feel relaxed and helps me to calm down after I have an argument.”

Nathan Cavill, an 11-year-old, is an ambassador for the scheme and teaches the practice to his fellow classmates.

He said: “It’s peaceful and makes me energised, I really enjoy helping my friends with it.”

Pupils confidence has allegedly “soared” since they became ambassadors in the scheme and has helped them to develop crucial inter-personal skills.

Following children’s mental health awareness week, the scheme is a refreshing approach to educating children on how to maintain strong minds.

Experts this week have warned over the danger of using mobile phones and tablets before bed.

Take Five offers a peaceful alternative activity for young children, encouraging them to take a moment for themselves.