Booklets given out at doorstep scammer event

Householders are being urged to be on their guard against unscrupulous doorstep callers after it emerged more than 40,000 people in the East Midlands were targeted by bogus workers.

Nottingham City Council in partnership with Age UK and Trading Standards held an event to raise awareness of scams and how to prevent future crimes on your doorstep and around your home.

In one year five billion pounds are lost due to scams and only 5% are reported to the authorities.

Councillor, Campbell-Clark said: “40,000 people were affected by scams last year and we try to encourage people to get out by inviting 130 elderly citizens to a meal at Loxley Council house.”

Unscrupulous doorstep callers use a number of tactics to con householders out of money – such as convincing them they need work carrying out on roofs and driveways.

Trish Hennessey and Catia Freitas have worked at Nottingham City Council Trading standards for over 10 years and gave citizens advice on how to spot scammers and rogue traders at the door, on the phone and through emails.

As well as highlighting ways that people can fall into these traps, they gave tips to prevent becoming a victim such as finding a local trader at and displaying a no cold calling sticker outside your door.

“These talks are very helpful”

Alan marshall, representative for east midlands pensioner convention and Unite the union

At Age UK not only do they give tips to stay safe from scammers, but also deliver checks around your home such as security, energy checks and fire alarm assessments.

Natanya Myers, 31, Meadows, Nottingham had fallen victim to scamming when she paid for a discount app membership over the 2018 summer holidays she said: “It can be advertisements for a one-off payment then take more money later which was a lot as I have to pay for childcare as well.”

Health and Well-being co-coordinator at Age UK, John Bryan said: “I’m not a huge fan of door chains as we’ve had clients open doors to perpetrators thinking they won’t be able to get in but then push their way through the door.”

Some people that came to the event expressed how they had been scammed.

Charmaine, Aspen, Nottingham said: “In 2018 my PayPal account was hacked through my emails and they took money out of my bank account.”

It is important for homeowners and residents to always report rogue traders to the Trading Standards, and they will attempt to respond immediately.