Nottinghamshire Police aim to help prevent fraud

A rapid response team set up by Nottinghamshire Police and banks across the county have helped prevent victims from being scammed of over £280,000 in 2018.

The protocol team has now managed to prevent more than £477,000 in fraud in the county since the scheme began in May 2017.

There were 141 emergency calls made through the system last year in Nottingham which allowed the police to make 12 arrests.

Katy Worobec, the Managing Director of Economic Crime in the UK said: “This rapid response scheme is giving bank staff the tools they need to protect vulnerable customers from scams, while helping local police catch fraudsters and bring them to justice.”

The most recent figures show that across the country the scheme has prevented a huge £38 million of fraud and enabled 231 arrests last year.

The average age of a caller who reported fraud last year was 71, showing that the elderly are most at risk.

Bank staff are trained to spot when someone is about to fall victim to fraud and are told to contact a police branch whenever suspicious activity is discovered.