Nottingham Kung Fu and Lion Dance group with COSMO staff.

Chinese New Year is celebrated through dances, music and other traditions by people all across the world and Nottingham is no exception.

On Tuesday, February 5, the all-you-can-eat restaurant, Cosmo, celebrated Chinese New Year by welcoming back Nottingham’s Kung Fu and Lion Dance group.

The group performed an ancient lion dance to entertain customers while they dined on an array of traditional Chinese cuisine.

The staff at Cosmo launched a brand new noodle bar in time for the occasion which proved to be a popular addition to their Chinese cooking station.

Cosmo partner, James Brion, 51, said: “Chinese New Year is very important to us because we are fundamentally a Chinese company and we like to do the lion dance because it brings luck to our business and hopefully a bit of luck to our customers. It’s really good fun.”

(Right to left) Cosmo Partner, James Brion, with staff members David and Sue.

The Nottingham Kung Fu and Lion Dance group are experienced dancers with a wide knowledge of Chinese culture, who perform all over the UK.

The team also perform for other Chinese celebrations such as Moon Cake Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.

John Wood, 43, who performs as the lion head, said: “We’re from Nottingham and the reception here is really good, everybody likes the lion dance. It’s colourful and it’s noisy, children really like it and the adults get into it too.

“I enjoy doing it because I love Chinese culture and I like the fitness side of it, it keeps me healthy and active. Also seeing other people enjoy it and bringing Chinese culture to their attention a great thing to be part of.”

The performance concluded with an impressive drum roll which lead up to the lion spitting lettuce leaves at the Cosmo customers who had dared to get up close.