A typical cannabis farm discovered by the police

A city councillor has says authorities are “almost powerless” when trying to cope with cannabis farms.

A large cannabis farm was found on Sunday evening in Forest Fields containing 90 plants, two men were arrested and later released under investigation whilst enquiries continue.

As societies attitudes towards the medical use of cannabis changes, one thing that remains present is the illegality of the class B drug.

The discovery of cannabis farms in Nottinghamshire takes up a significant portion of police time and money every year.

Police have to deal with thousands of cannabis related crimes every year

Toby Neal, the Berridge Ward Councillor and Portfolio Holder for Community Protection, has become accustomed to the discovery of cannabis farms throughout his time in his role.

He said: “Authorities are almost powerless to stop cannabis farms and that is a huge problem.

“We find them all the time if I’m going to be be honest, there’s a market for it and people want it, therefore people are going to supply it.

“We have found that that things aren’t getting better, we just need to work with the community because it has such a destructive impact on the streets.”

Marijuana use has serious health benefits for consumers

A former New Basford factory was raided in July and police found 4,049 plants which were worth a street value of over £3.5 million.

Nottinghamshire Police said: “We have had bigger and smaller finds, however the discovery of 90 plants is not an insignificant number.”

For more information go to: www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/cannabis