Daniel Williams and Libby Squire have both been reported missing - photos courtesy of Thames Valley Police and Humberside Police

Nottingham Trent’s Students’ Union has called out for students to look after each other after two students went missing from other universities over the last week.

Daniel Williams, a student at the University of Reading, and Libby Squire, from the University of Hull, both went missing after nights out in their student cities.

As their parents spoke out about bringing them home, NTSU reminded students of precautionary measures to follow to stay safe during their studies.

Police said a body has been found in a university river during a police search for Daniel Williams, and his family have been informed.

NTSU at Nottingham Trent University

NTSU President Bradley Fox said: “We have a lot in place in order to keep students safe. We have a safe taxi scheme, where if a student can not afford a taxi, the Students’ Union will cover it, and the student has ten days to pay the fee back.

“Here at Nottingham Trent, we show newcomers around the city, and we train everyone who works with us to ensure they are fully capable of keeping people safe.

“We have an open door for anyone who wants to talk or seek advice at our information and advice service”.

“we are here to look after people”

Bradley fox, NTSU President 

Nottingham Trent student, Jade Niel, who studies Fine Art said: “I hope nothing like this ever happens at Trent.

“We all just need to look out for each other and not let the alcohol get in the way of our main priorities”.

NTSU is student-run and representatives urge anyone who has any suggestions or ideas for student safety to contact them either through the website or by going into the SU directly.

Former Nottingham Trent student Bradley Fox added: “We work with security company Showsec, and they are the best company we could work with.

“They are all trained, and know about everything that we do. We are in a good place because we have a lot of people that are able to look out for others. Including our sober students who stand out side of the SU to make sure everybody gets home safely.

“But as well it is always important for friends to always look out for each other on nights out.”