Community members gather for LGBT history month

Nottingham celebrated its diverse cultural heritage with an event to mark the beginning of LGBT history month.

The launch event was held at the Council House in Old Market Square, where  representatives and guests remembered the hardships suffered by the LGBT community, with heart-felt tributes paid from poets who recognised how much society had progressed.

There were speeches on Friday evening from members of Nottingham City Council, who paid testament to their LGBT network who had achieved the Stonewalls Network 2019 award.

The LGBT movement has developed rapidly over the years in Nottingham and over 9,000 people lined the streets in the city centre for pride.

The flag synonymous with the LGBT community

Andrew Towning, the secretary of the LGBT Network at Nottingham City Council said: “Today was all about remembering where we’ve been and when you look at where we’re going there’s every reason to be positive.”

“The only way forward is through education and that’s what we all need to do.”

Steven Grocock, co-founder of LGBT Notts county 

Alice Adams said: “It’s imperative to keep going, it’s not alright to stop now because we’ve got equal rights, if we keep quiet others are going to sneak in and silence the minority.

“I discovered my sexuality at the end of the first year of university and my best friend is a transsexual man, I want to make sure there’s a good world which we both can live in.”

Poets who told inspiring stories about societies progression

As society continues its fight against prejudice and discrimination, LGBT month is vital in educating sectors of society who still withhold ignorant views about the movement.

Steven Grocock, co-founder of LGBT Notts county, who works to change attitudes to LGBT in the football community, said: “It’s been important to get people together from all ends of the community to see what this month is going to be all about, to hear from the speakers has been inspiring.

“The only way forward is through education and that’s what we all need to do.”

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