A comment made by presenter Sameena Ali-Khan on the six o’clock news programme on Monday, 28 January has received a backlash on social media with many criticising her ‘offensive’ tone and attitude.

The comment was made after a news report showed a visit to Birmingham by social media influencer and the holder of 13.7million Instagram followers, James Charles.

Mr Charles who is a make up artist and Youtuber appeared at The Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham City Centre on Sunday, 27 January where around 8,000 hopeful fans turned up to meet him.

ITV Central covered the story on Monday evening and before signing off Sameena Ali-Khan was complimented by co-host Bob Warman on her make up to which she responded ‘that’s because I take advice from a woman not a man’.

The comment has been endlessly criticised from both fans and the general public.

Lauren March, 25, from Nottingham said she thought it was a ‘strange thing to say, particularly after they’d just done a news segment on James Charles’ success… it’s always worth calling sexism out, whether against men or women’.

Abbie Alexis, 20, Nottingham explained her anger towards the comment was because “we have worked so hard as a community to overcome stereotypes like this and the fact that people are still making comments like this is just ridiculous and quite unheard of these days”.

Luke Roper, 21 from Gedling, Nottingham, said: “You can be any gender and perform well at something. I think for someone who is a public figure and presents the news despite their personal input shouldn’t be talking in the tone she did and adding comments”.

We contacted ITV for a comment but they refused to speak about the issue.