A training scheme aimed at showing teachers in the US how to use a gun will create war zones, say parents in Nottingham.

FASTER, a non-profit organisation, is providing free courses to US teachers, created by ‘concerned parents, law enforcement and nationally-recognised safety and medical experts.’

It aims to provide educators with practical violence response training. They will be taught how to use firearms and given training on how to care for gun wounds.

We asked the people of Nottingham what they thought about teachers bringing guns into school and whether it would discourage or encourage school shootings.

Chris Best, 28, from Mansfield said: “It’s basically the same thing as having a war zone. Giving more guns out isn’t going to solve anything.”

Carol West, 40, from Wysall said: “I think the medical part is fantastic, but they can’t just use it as an excuse or a cover-up for the use of guns. It’s causing more conflict if I’m honest.”