Long Stairs reopened after 80 years

A medieval walkway in Lace Market has reopened after being closed for more than 80 years.

Long Stairs dates back more than 500 years and is suspected to be one of Nottingham’s oldest walkways located between Commerce Square and Malin Hill.

Local group, Notts History – Honour Our Heritage, were responsible for the renovations of the walkway.

The walkway has been closed to the public since 1933 after it became overgrown with weeds.

The group unveiled a blue plaque and a street sign at the top of the steps with a description of the walkway’s history on Saturday, January 26.

Janine Tanner, 44, Hucknall, of the history group said: “The reason that this is so important, both to the group and to Nottingham, is that unlike Drury Hill, the Black Boy Hotel and Nottingham Victoria Railway Station, it still exists. It is a part of history.

“Long Stairs is still here and it deserves respect. That is what we as a group set out to do to give Long Stairs its dignity back and I believe we succeeded.”

The Plaque shown with a red opening ribbon.

The walkway was used as a covered way of getting from the low marshes along the River Leen to the summit of the cliff above, which is now home to the Lace Market.

It was also a notorious sight for criminals and murders.

The plaque cost just under £300 and was placed by Notts History above the stairs which cost £200.

Janine added: “Thanks to the clean up, the street sign and the blue plaque, I believe we have succeeded in restoring the steps.”

Notts History group are currently working on restoring the caves underneath Long Stairs, with a view to open them up to tours when work is complete.