Joe McFadden and Rita Simons as the Harcourt's

A suitably creepy performance filled with enough jump scares to keep horror lovers entertained.

The House On Cold Hill is the latest novel from Peter James to be converted into a stage show by Shaun McKenna.

It opened last night in Nottingham’s Theatre Royal to an excited crowd.

The play tells the story of the Harcourt family who move into the house of their dreams, an old Georgian mansion which has been left empty for the last 40 years.

However their dream home quickly turns into a nightmare as they begin to realise they are not alone.

The lady in grey is the menacing figure that has been lurking in the shadows of the house for over 200 years.

It features an impressive cast including Joe McFadden (Holby City, Heartbeat), Rita Simmons ( EastEnders), Charlie Clements (EastEnders) and Persephone Swales-Dawson (Hollyoaks).

The play may have been a horror but there was also some great comedic moments which played on the actors’ real life and past jobs.

The play is set up to be a modern day horror and the use of gadgets such as Alexa in the haunting makes me want to throw mine away.

The show is running between January 28 and February 2 at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal.

Tickets from £15. Call the box office on 0115 989 5555