Nottingham Market Square

Nottingham City Council has announced its plans to be the first carbon neutral city in the UK by 2028 and it is asking its residents to help achieve it.

To be carbon neutral you need to have a net zero carbon footprint, and Nottingham is well on its way to achieving this in the coming years as it has already met its energy strategy target a year earlier than scheduled.

In light of this, here is a list of ways in which YOU can reduce your carbon footprint and help Nottingham on its way to achieving its goal.

  1. Use your car as little as possible – Plan ahead and look to see if you can get to your location via public transport, walking or cycling. Even consider carpooling as an alternative.
  2. Eat less meat – According to the Vegetarian Society, more greenhouse gas emissions come from farmed animals worldwide than the world’s entire transport system.
  3. Reduce your energy use – This can be done through simple steps, such as unplugging electronics that are not in use, hang your washing to dry rather than tumble-dry it,and limit the use of fireplaces or stoves.
  4. Buy from local, individual businesses – By buying goods and services locally you are shortening the supply chain.
  5. Plan your meals ahead – Meal planning will significantly reduce the amount of food waste a person produces, which not only helps to save the environment but also helps you save money.
  6. Reduce the amount of water you use – Take shorter, less powerful showers. Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth. Put full loads in the washing machine.

Here’s what the council has done so far to create a more sustainable and green city:

  • Invested in one of the UK’s largest electric bus fleets as well as bio-gas and retro-fitted buses.
  • Developed and expanded the tram network, running on electricity from renewable resources.
  • Improved cycling facilities, including bike hubs and a cycle hire scheme and investing in cycle corridors.
  • Installed solar panels on 4,500 domestic properties across the city.
  • Introduced the Workplace Parking Levy – tackling congestion and containing traffic growth, while generating funds to invest in public transport.

You can calculate your personal carbon footprint here.