BEAST FROM THE EAST: Last December Nottingham and its surrounding areas were one of the regions hit by artic weather conditions sweeping in from eastern Europe.

The Met Office has released an official weather warning to certain regions across the nation including Nottingham as heavy snow fall is predicted for the coming week.

A yellow warning has been issued and experts predict heavy snow fall from the early hours of Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening.

Areas included in the warning are Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield amongst others.

The public is to expect some delays to road traffic and railway schedules which may be affected by ice.

It is predicted that light showers may turn to ice and snow in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Pedestrians have been advised to be aware of icy pavements to prevent injury and to only make trips if necessary.

The Met Office has stated there is a slight chance some rural communities will cut off during the severe weather.

A yellow warning means that the chance of harsh weather conditions is very likely and has the potential of a large impact.

For more information on how to stay safe in sub-zero temperatures or to see if your area will be affected visit: