Piers Morgan's tweet of misnaming Nottingham Forest

Nottingham fans have taken to twitter after Piers Morgan misnamed Nottingham Forest in a tweet yesterday after their win at the weekend.

The Good Morning Britain presenter shortened the city’s football club name to ‘Notts Forest’ in his reply to MP Anna Soubry after a reply battle early yesterday morning when the MP showed her gratitude originally for fellow presenter Susanna Reid.

Fans of the club state that Notts is only referred to for rival Notts County.

Here’s what you and the rest of Nottinghamshire have to say about it:

Even comedian and self obsessed NFFC fan, Matt Forde, replies to Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan offered replies to some member of the public, sticking with his previous name for Nottingham Forest.

Matt Oldroyd, member of the Forza Garibaldi supporters group said: “I’m not sure why this creates such a stir.

“The ‘Notts’ tag is used predominantly in a mocking way and responding to it only fuels it further.

“An individual like Piers Morgan thrives on such meaningless debates and would be best off ignored,” he said.