One hundred years after women gained the right to vote, Nottingham is playing host to an event to commemorate local leaders who paved the way for suffrage.

The under-30s event, happening Friday, 14 December at Wired Cafe, will bring together local leaders in order to commemorate those who worked to give some women the right to vote and stand for election 100 years ago.
Women leading a suffrage demonstration in London, 1926. (Picture courtesy of Getty Images/Macgregor/Stringer)
Attendees will also be discussing why and how the fight for equality continues to this day.
The event is hosted by My Life My Say, a youth-led non-partisan movement who say they are ‘on a mission to re-brand politics and secure a better future for young people’.
The event comes hand in hand with the governments #Vote100 campaign, which encourages more women to run for MP.
Only 32 percent of MPs are women, and only 32 percent of local councillors in England are women, despite being able to run for election in these roles since 1918.
If you would like to attend the event, register yourself for the list by clicking here.