The anti-Brexit bus didn't seem to get the attention you might expect.

The People’s Vote’s anti-Brexit battle bus arrived in the city on Monday, but did it get the attention of Nottingham’s voters?

Theresa May’s widely unpopular Brexit withdrawal agreement has proved controversial, with both hard Brexiteers and remainers condemning the government’s plan for leaving the European Union.

The idea of a second referendum has picked up traction as remainers look for an alternative to a hard Brexit and hope for a second chance of staying in the EU.

Outside Parliament, the biggest advocacy group for the remain campaign is People’s Vote, a group supported by over 700,000 people, including high-profile celebrities such as Gary Lineker, J.K. Rowling and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The anti-Brexit campaign group met outside Nottingham’s Theatre Royal on Monday morning to hand out stickers and leaflets to passers-by, urging them to reconsider Brexit and the effect leaving the EU will have on the UK.

But the group had a low-key reception from the public, with only a handful of people stopping to listen to the campaigners speak.

Even though Nottingham voted to leave the EU by a margin of just 0.8% in the referendum, few turned out in support of the campaign’s visit.

Members of the rally welcomed the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice, which confirmed that the UK could unilaterally revoke article 50 without first getting permission from other EU states.

Chris Tragenza, 50, who is a campaigner for the group says their aim is to inform the public that Brexit is not a done deal.

“Every morning, Brexit is falling apart,” he said.

Chris Tragenza is just one of the Anti-Brexit campaigners going around the UK with the bus.

“The situation is a complete mess and now that the people know what Brexit means, we can make a much more informed choice.

“We want a second chance for the people, and we are now getting the chance to reconsider.”

But the people of Nottingham didn’t appear to feel the same way. The low turnout could be indicative of apathy towards the second referendum in Nottingham. Are people getting a Brexit burnout? It certainly looks that way.

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