The new Bargain Buys on Milton Street

Nottingham residents have welcomed the arrival of yet another discount store in the city, claiming they offer a lifeline to city’s poorest people.

Bargain Buys, the sister shop to Poundworld, opened on December 8th.

Its introduction, along with the existing Poundland and Wilko stores, means there is a multitude of discount shops in Nottingham city centre.

The new store is in the same format as the Poundworld brand, selling low-priced household items and food, amongst many other lines.

The Wilko on Lower Parliament Street

But do the people of Nottingham think that a new discount shop is needed? With two Poundlands and two Wilko’s in the city centre area alone, it could be argued that there are already plenty of them.

Teren Large, a 23-year-old stallholder from Loughborough said: “All you really need is about three, cause they all sell the same things and you don’t have to walk very far to find them.”

She also found the idea of there being two Poundlands within half a mile of each other to be not entirely practical.

But David Perkins, a 42-year-old builder from Arnold said: “I know people who are struggling with money and have to rely on discount shops for a lot of their goods.”

ONS statistics released earlier this year reinforce this idea, with figures showing that Nottingham is the city with the lowest average income per person, at £12,232 per year.

Olivia Irwin, a 21-year-old student in Nottingham, offers a different perspective: “Sure we have enough discount shops in Nottingham, but since the recession people need them more and more.”