'Bollocks to Brexit' bus outside Royal Concert Hall

Only hours after Theresa May cancelled the vote on the Brexit deal, the city of Nottingham was visited by pro-remainers who emulated the leave-campaign style bus with their own message.

The bus was bright yellow and written across was ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ together with ‘It’s not a done deal’ along with their website link.

Having visited the bus where it was parked up on Shakespeare Street outside The Royal Concert Hall, there were a few middle aged people waiting about outside the bus and not a single student in sight. The bus had been parked there for roughly 10 minutes, and people were passing by grinning and taking photos.

Immediately I was handed a leaflet upon arrival and this only had one figure to digest and just a few broad statements. It is not suitable enough for a campaign on this scale.

It was clearly a mocking of the infamous red ‘leave campaign’ bus as there was also a Boris Johnson impersonator as well as an ‘EU supergirl’ is what they labelled her. To complete the trio of main figures was a man wearing trousers with the EU flag pattern on them. It total honesty it was all cringe.

Boris Johnson impersonator (known as @FauxBoJo) in front of the bus

After around 15 minutes, the ‘EU supergirl’ began to sing and play her guitar. It was quite frankly, tragic. Yet the people stood around the bus were clearly enjoying themselves.

However on their website they do state the reason behind their campaign message, in particular about the word ‘Bollocks’ which they say is what they think Brexit is. They have said: “Brexit is a load of nonsense. There is literally NO SENSE to Brexit… use of the word bollocks is entirely appropriate and fixates itself to mean nonsense.”

The majority of the country at this point is overwhelmed by Brexit so to be fair to them, they got something right.

On their website they offer the chance for people to buy their ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ merchandise which does not look appealing at all. They parked up only a few yards away from Nottingham Trent University and in all fairness, I doubt the vast majority of students would ever consider getting Brexit (either leave/remain) merchandise.

The bus grabbed the eyes of people passing by but that was just about it. It was satirical of the leave bus but it was ironic that some people were also laughing at this one.  If this was a serious campaign to rally support to possibly grab the attention of the government, then we needed to hear a proper rallying speech with facts.

The reason why the red leave bus was so successful was because of the £350 million figure emblazoned across it and the words: “let’s fund our NHS.” However since then, the bus hit the headlines this week following a crowdfunding campaign backed by private prosecutor Marcus Ball, who is seeking to prosecute Boris Johnson over the £350 million NHS fund claim for alleged misconduct in public office.