Halloween is back again and they are really creepin’ it real for the final confrontation between Laura Strode and Mike Myers. After being jailed for previously killing babysitters, Strode has been preparing for this day, when Myers escapes from prison.

Getting into my seat, I could sense the tension from everyone waiting in the cinema. The trailers playing beforehand, quite frankly the only thing I hate when going to the cinema, created anticipation. I just wanted the film to start so I could escape and get out of there as soon as I could. I must confess, I am not a true horror film fan.

With that said, Tango ice-blast in hand, in the spirit of Halloween I felt prepared to embrace myself into the gore and ghouls.

For the first 30 minutes of the film I was more interested in trying to see in the dark which sweet I wanted next from my pick ‘n’ mix. The film kicked off when the bus transporting Mike and the other convicts crashes – on the night of Halloween, of course.

Mike was back, back again. This time he was on the search for his next victims. The way he went about killing his victims was so simple but so graphic it made my stomach turn upside down. The sound effects of helpless cries from his victims created a chilling effect.

Mike made household items such kitchen knife or a hammer into real-life weapons which made the film realistic. This goes to show you don’t need special effects to make a huge impact. The film was a true blood fest. Perfect if you want to feel like you are going to vomit in the cinema.

The helpless little boy brings back my childhood nightmares of the creepy man standing in the doorway of my room at night. Mike makes these nightmares reality. Appearing from the closet Mike graphically beheads the babysitter. Jumping from my seat and nearly throwing all my £8 worth of sweets on the floor.

The most dramatic killing of his victims, such as the innocent friend of Strode’s granddaughter still creates a clear image in my mind of him hanging from the spikes of the gates and trust me it’s stuff of my nightmares.

From the start I hadn’t been getting good vibes off the creepy old man, an Albert Einstein lookalike professor. The professor wanting to know the feeling Mike gets from killing his victims added depth to the film and an insight into questioning why Mike continues to kill innocent victims in the way that he does.

Overall, Halloween definitely goes to show you don’t need high-tech special effects to make a horror film. All you really need is a creepy mask, kitchen utensils and some fake blood and someone screaming in the background and you have yourself the new Halloween film to be released in 2019.