Christmas decorations

It’s another grey day, the mist is not rising, there are no birds sweet enough to sing and I am thoroughly fed up before the day begins.
Sitting down eating my favourite breakfast with the telly on and believe it or not- don’t blame you if you don’t- there are Christmas ads coming out in the first week of November.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Scrooge but I reserve the right to be grumpy- that means no Christmas cheer- until the sky is no longer dark.

Christmas decorations

However, that got me thinking as my maudlin life crawled forward, why the heck are there Christmas adverts out when Halloween was less than a week ago? Better yet what other Christmas like product or event have I missed?
Guess what? The answer is a lot!

The explosion of red, green and gold is startling and the expenses towards them are horrifying.

I know that John Lewis is estimating their ad to cost around £10 million…Let that sink in.
I can’t believe they are spending so much- simply on an ad, that’s more than enough for a short film!

Jane Austen fans would probably recognise this line from a rather silly woman- “Oh fetch my smelling salts, I feel my faintness coming on me again”.

“Oh, fetch my smelling salts, I feel my faintness coming on me again.”

-Mrs Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

Honestly, what is the big rush? Christmas is still more than a month away, and there is more than enough money being spent on the food alone, without adding the bills from the decorations that can go overboard- my definition of overboard is probably different from yours. They look nice from a distance as most agree, but I might get blind from all the lights.

girl in front of Christmas tree

I’ve had a friend go into a shop that’s playing Christmas jingles, and she threatened to boycott. I repeat, there is still a month and a half till Christmas- I laughed at that statement, truthfully- can’t wait till she has to go shopping in December. Haha!
In conclusion, I will probably end up screaming but not limited to tearing my hair out before Christmas even gets here, hope to survive however with all my hair intact.