Winter is a tough time for everyone. Whether it’s having to put an extra layer on before leaving the house, or dusting off your warmest coat from the back of the wardrobe.

Yet it’s far worse for the homeless.

“With last winter being one of the coldest we’ve ever had in the UK, I can’t imagine how the homeless even survive” says Morgan, a volunteer for Framework charity.

Statistics released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have shown that rough sleeping in the city has risen for the third year in a row.

Nottingham is not shy when it comes to contributing to the community, and Framework is just one of many homeless charities which offer help and support to those living on the streets. They have various shelters around Nottingham which aim to deliver housing, health, employment, support and care services to people with a diverse range of needs

Framework supports people to achieve financial stability, social inclusion and independence to help them make real changes in their lives for the better.

The charity is holding their infamous annual ‘sleepout’ on November 24 this year, where the public can pay £10 to camp outside throughout the night to raise money for Framework. As the charity has recently become partners with Nottingham Forest football Club, they have decided to use the Brian Clough stadium car park, providing a safe environment to those wanting to take part.

Framework Charity

This year the ‘sleepout’ has touched one woman whose son sadly died this year because of alcohol addiction and sleeping on the streets.

“Steven tried his best to beat his addiction but unfortunately lost the fight at the age of 43. I miss him so. I am sleeping out to raise awareness of how addiction is just one of the ways people can end up sleeping rough,” said Steven’s mum, who didn’t want to be named.

With over 200 applicants for this year’s sleepout Clare Nithsdale, a team member at Framework, said this is “the highest number we have had in the last few years”, this is highlighting the support and drive the people of Nottingham have. They want to create change for the better.

Clare also gave some insight into the events they have coming up in the future, such as the ‘Off the Streets’ campaign which is the larger campaign which covers all events, this includes meeting Gengus the dog. This is specifically significant due to the large numbers of homeless people with dogs in Nottingham in particular, who offer company and companionship. So this is yet another great way to raise money for the charity.

Framework’s motto is:

We respond: we act when we see something wrong, and we react to opportunity and challenge.
We respect: we value communities, resources, individuals and each other
We empower: we believe in the power of people to be all they can be.

With rough sleeping at its highest in the past 20 years, it’s no surprise that charities are pushing for more donations. Without this, “the charities wouldn’t survive and neither would the people living on the streets”.