Following the tragic death of Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha last week, we spoke to the people of Nottingham about whether or not they feel safe at sporting events.

A helicopter crash that caused heartbreak across the globe last week has been the catalyst for discussion about safety in football grounds.

The people of Nottingham have reacted as anyone would, with remorse and shock to the death of five lives in the crash, but it isn’t fazing most fans attending games.

Frances Longhurst, 53 of West Bridgford said: “It’s a tragic event but it’s also unique, what happened couldn’t be controlled so I don’t think it will make me stop going to games.”

There’s no doubt that the crash will send shock waves throughout the sporting world, but it’s at times like these that football fans come together and stand as one.

Jake Smyth, 25 of Milton Keynes wants football fans to come together

Matthew Brown, 42 of West Bridgford said: “I’ll still be attending games when I can, the crash is a devastating accident but we need to make sure we all stay together in this shocking time.”

Fan safety in football grounds has always been the main priority by those in charge, but this incident only makes safety more of a prominent task in today’s day and age.

With the growing call for safe seating in all football grounds across the country, do people really feel safe as it is?

This tragic events puts everything in to context, the whole world has stood still to remember a great man, loved by all, and safety is now essential if the sporting world is to progress further

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