Photo credit Nottingham City Council

A new website has launched documenting thousands of photos spanning a period in excess of 200 years.

Picture Nottingham includes some of the oldest images of Nottingham including those taken by Samuel Bourne in the 1850s.

Also in the database are digitised engravings and sketches from the 1700s.

Many of the images have been sourced from the Nottingham Local Studies Library, which began collecting photographs after a 1918 public appeal for shots of the city.

The Library staff welcome members of the public coming to visit their images, however this has to be balanced with the preservation of images for future generations.

By digitising them, the photos and sketches can be viewed by thousands with no risk to the originals.

The Nottingham Local Studies Library are always looking to expand and increase their database: “If you have images which you wish to donate to our collection you can do so on Picture Nottingham. We especially welcome photographs of views of local areas showing buildings, people, customs, activities and industry, both past and present.”

Cllr Dave Trimble, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Localities said: “I can think of no better way to mark the 100th birthday of the Nottingham photographic collection than expanding it and bringing it bang up to date with extra features.”

Many of the photos are offered for sale as quality prints by Picture Nottingham on their website