Nottingham's Broadmarsh Centre - Picture courtesy of Candy Chui Wright

Shoppers of Nottingham have given their verdict on the Broadmarsh Centre ahead of plans to transform the shopping centre with a £250m cash injection.

Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Centre is set to receive £250m of investments in a bid to improve shopper experience, parking and to create an all round better entrance into the south of the city.

But it has been argued that this investment into the Broadmarsh Centre may be a shot in the dark, as online shopping figures are at their highest ever.

It has been shown that over the last five years, the net spend of online retail shopping has risen by 35%, suggesting the idea that shoppers today are preferring their retail therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

Anthony Etches, 47, Joiner from Beeston said: “I literally only ever come into town when I have to, I usually get my stuff online, but for the kids, it’s a bit harder so we have to come into the city centre”.

The investments going into the Broadmarsh Centre may make Nottingham a more visually pleasing city, but with over £100bn being spent online over the last year, it may be hard for the Broadmarsh Centre to meet it’s expected heights – especially with the shopping centre having such a poor reputation over the last few years.

“Online shopping is just better all round, we don’t have to travel and it’s easier to find what you want”

Babs walker, 52, secretary, long eaton

However, the Broadmarsh Centre will be converted into an ‘Intu’ shopping centre, the same company which owns the Trafford Centre and also Nottingham’s very own Victoria Centre. The Intu brand has 400m customers per year, and retail sales up to £5.6bn.

The new Broadmarsh will have a new cinema and a new area for eating. This is crucial for  the shopping centre as it is seen that over 20% of the income for shopping centres comes from food and beverages.

It seems that Nottingham’s Broadmarsh may be in the right hands for the transformation that it needs, but only time will tell if it reaches it’s expected figures – with the shopping centre officially opening in September 2020.