Freddie Mercury at Queens legendary performance at Live Aid. Credit flickr

Bohemian Rhapsody is a celebration of all things Queen, their extraordinary experiments with music, the fabulous, bad-boy diva, Freddie Mercury and the unique bond and love of the band.

Bryan Singer’s take on Queen and Freddie Mercury will leave you yearning for the return of a proper rock band and a night out with Queen on repeat.

For those who have forgotten the legend of the most famous and fabulous rock band in the world, this film is set out to ignite Queen back into our hearts.

The film starts with Mr Mercury meeting Smile; his future band mates, then follows the rise of the band and of course the notorious down fall of Mercury.  

It’s an uplifting, high flying film, which is slightly ironic as the life of the protagonist was far from that.

The rise to fame for Queen was fairly painless and the love between band mates was refreshingly harmonious, however the way the film brushed over and of course Hollywoodised Mercury’s lifestyle spiralling out of control gave the film a sense of fabrication.

One of the most notable and impressive elements of the film was the breath taking and outstanding performance from Rami Malek. He took of the lead role of Mercury with style, elegance and in a Freddie like fearless manner. 

Not one note was off key, and the flamboyant fun of Mercury shone through in Malek’s performance. I could even go as far to say that when I close my eyes and think of Mercury, Rami Malek’s face appears in my mind.

I wouldn’t bother with the film if you are looking for the hard-hitting truth of Queen and Freddie Mercury. However, for an easy, scandalous-free watch about the one of a kind and their legacy lead singer, then this one is for you.