Gerald Reeves, Owner of the Ice Jet carousel

Nottingham’s Goose fair returns to the Forest Recreation Ground for its annual showstopper this week.

Despite the popularity of the fair, people have expressed concern about the level of crime that the event could bring to the city.

Boasting over 500 different attractions and rides, the event brings thousands of visitors to the site each year.

However, some people have said that they would rather avoid the area this week and stay away from the crowds.

Rosemary Boye, 47, a Forest Fields resident, explained how her daughter is too scared to attend the fair this year due to anxiety surrounding the level of crime.

“My daughter told me that there has been a lot of crime in the past. The police are everywhere and they are there for a good reason.”

The fairground opens on the 3rd October

Gerald Reeves, 51, owner of the Ice Jet fairground, ride attends the event every year. Acknowledging the fact that it is normal for pick-pockets to be at fairs, Gerald believes that this should not discourage people from coming as the fair is a credit to the city.

He said: “There is always a small majority of bad people that attend big events that are looking for any chance to steal from you, but that should definitely not put people off.”

Nottinghamshire Police has also  increased security measures in recent years, hoping that this will reassure any people planning to make a visit.