City-based letting agents have sent warnings to tenants after a series of break-ins, including one area reporting nine burglaries in a one week period.

The burglaries, affecting the Arboretum area just outside the city centre, is popular among Nottingham Trent University students in particular as it is close to the Burton Street city campus.

Victim Frank Cook, 22, a Law Student of Burns Street, said: “We’ve been burgled twice since the end of September, the first time it was because a window was left slightly open… the second was because the window was on the latch and someone came along and dismantled it.”

“I’ve had two laptops, a tablet and a watch that meant a lot to me stolen, it’s heart-breaking because they’re expensive items to replace, especially this close to Christmas.”

Cases like this have not been uncommon according to Nottinghamshire Police, who are looking to deliver a series of leaflets containing advice on keeping thieves at bay to some key areas around the city.

With students looking for houses to live in for next academic year, letting agents have also felt the effects of the break ins.

Unipol Property Services Manager Hollie O’Connor said: “It’s much harder to rent out a property to perspective tenants if they know it’s been burgled recently, some of our nicest properties have still not been let for this reason.”

“We can’t stop break-ins from happening but we can give guidance to students on how to protect themselves and their homes more effectively.”

“Thieves will take advantage of the slightest chance so it’s important to not give it to them in the first place.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “Half of burglaries happen because a door or window is left open so make sure windows are closed and doors are locked.”

“We’d also advise students to make sure they take out the relevant contents insurance before moving into university.”

“Don’t leave empty electrical boxes outside your home as they indicate that you may have something worth stealing.”

“When you’re away from home use timer switches to make it appear your property is occupied.”

“On top of this, we recommend frequently backing up any documents, contact lists and photos to an online back-up service, memory stick or external hard drive.”

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