The highly anticipated Varsity series returns for yet another year on  Wednesday, April 25. Prepare to show you colours and support your uni in multiple events from Ice Hockey to Golf.

Tickets went on sale on March 12 at 12pm, but this year some big changes are being made to the ticketing system and the events themselves.

Unlike other years Football will no longer offer general sale tickets, meaning no spectators will be present at the Notts Country ground this year. Visitors will be limited to invited guests and club members only.Alcohol restrictions are also being put in place on a number of events. Ice Hockey, one of the series most popular events has been affected by this change. The game, which takes place at Nottingham’s Motorpoint arena will no longer allow spectators to purchase or consume alcohol within the premises.

This restriction also applies to Hockey, Squash, Netball and Futsal.

Another big change is the removal of season tickets, which have previously sold out in a matter of hours. This year all tickets are being sold individually.

Nottingham Trents VP Sport Izzy Gregson, 21 said “Season tickets are no longer an option as individuals would purchase a ticket and not attend all events.

“This meant that we could offer spaces to less students at some events.

“The removal of the tickets allows more students to watch the sports they are interested in.

“In terms of football, due to behaviour last year we have had to put a number of changes into the series to ensure that the events run safely.

“We hope that over the years this can be built back up if the behaviour improves.”